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The Rest of the Story...

By Charlene Benson Aug. 17, 2016

It has been 2 ½ months since I last posted.  Our house had been delivered but we were having difficulty getting everything done due to the weather.  But it did get done.  The decks went on followed by the skirting.  The fence went up.  We had two small metal buildings installed and a well house put in.  I was so ready to move in I could taste it!

Still…telling myself, “Must be patient.  Must be patient.  MUST.  BE.  PATIENT.”  For all the good it did.  Ha!

But there’s the weather… and the water… oh yeah… the thieves that stole my boss’s flatbed from the yard at our house with the lumber and supplies for the decks and skirting.

Decks going in and the fence arrived ready to install.  Progress!

Here's what you couldn't see in that picture.  Backyard slush.  Mud wrestling anyone?

Tammy's Mobile Home Service completing the decks and starting on the skirting.

To install the Hardie skirting, George uses a pneumatic nail gun.  I am told that using a drill with a screw driver bit takes a very long time and is very difficult but a nail gun is the way to go when working with concrete based materials.  Good to know.  Here George is using a drill to attach the hinge on the access door.

As you can see it is very, very wet.  The fence was installed once the corners no longer had water standing and could hold the posts.  The installers said that if it is too wet when they put the fence in, the tension of the fence will cause it to fall over because the soil is too wet to hold the corner posts. 

Oh yeah.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  Our A/C was installed and hooked up.  Gotta have that to beat the summer heat.  And it has definitely been HOT this year!  Oh and by the way, in case you are wondering about electric bills in a manufactured home, we have been pleasantly surprised so far.  Our first full month bill for the month of July was $166.  This was with the A/C set at 73 and with average temperature of 94 and above throughout the month.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

At this point, we have ordered the final inspection.  We knew there was probably going to be an issue with the back yard not draining.  Our General Contractor was unable to get into the back yard with his equipment to fix it.  The ground is so saturated it is just not drying out.  So we order the inspection and pray and cross our fingers and eyes and anything else we can cross.  And so the inspector comes and we wait for the results. 

It fails…for the drainage, issues with the blocking and tie down and several other items.  This inspection is intense and the inspector is very strict.  I was a little upset at first until I thought about it.  The inspector is protecting my interests and doing his job.  It’s not convenient at all but in the long run, it is in the best interests of the customer, the bank and A-1 that the house be set up correctly and everything be done according to FHA regulations.


A big concern was that the deadline was fast approaching that was given to us by the bank.  If we passed the deadline, we would be charged more money for interest and other stuff.  So we had the vendors come back out and fix the things that were flagged.  Then call the inspector out one more time.  Our deadline was almost on us.  We only had a few days to pass this inspection.  So now I’m holding my breath.  Bad idea.  I need air to breathe!  The inspector’s office calls and he has had something come up and can’t make it.  My heart does a flip flop.  We are just one day from the deadline.  But then we are told that we can submit pictures of all of the items that were flagged and fixed.  Whew!  So Jason headed over to the house lickety split and began taking photos of everything.  Crawling under the house and it is hot under there!  He came back to office all sweaty and dirty.  Ewwww.  We uploaded the photos and set them up to submit via email to the inspector’s office and then wait once more for the verdict.  This time the house passes and we are good to go!

On a Personal Note:

I want to take a little break here for a tribute to our Fox Terrier.  During this time, our dear little canine friend, Mask, went to the big “kitchen” in the sky.  I say kitchen because her favorite room was the kitchen and her favorite activity for the past 14 years was to watch the floor for “manna from heaven”.  She did not watch you while you cooked or ate; she watched the floor…intensely.  And it usually paid off!  I admit I occasionally "accidentally" dropped food on the floor.  She was a gift to my son, Chris (pictured) on his 9th birthday.  She was very sick but with the help of the vet we kept her with us until he could get home to see her.  He was stationed in San Diego with the Marine Corp and drove in from Camp Pendleton.  So we said farewell and buried her at the corner of the back yard of our new home.  She moved in before any of us did.  We plan to put a tree there.


So we finally got moved into the house the next weekend.  I must say that I’m getting too old for this moving stuff especially in the heat of June. There was a time that I would have been unpacked within a few weeks. We’ve been in the house for two months and I ran out of gas a long time ago.  I did get a lot of stuff unpacked but still have more boxes to go through and decide what should stay and what should go.  We did go get all of the stuff we had in a paid storage unit in town and filled our new buildings up (see pictures).  It’s just too darn hot to go through all of that stuff right now, so once again I will wait (but not so impatiently this time…hehe).

Check out this sweet well house that was built by George at Tammy's Mobile Home Service.  The well was situated in the only place we were permitted to put it which was directly in front of the house.  We were also having a water filter and softener installed that would be part of the well house so it would be fairly large.  We didn't want a big ugly building there in front.  Also had to consider that if there is ever a problem with the well and they have to pull it, we need to be able to access it without dismantling the whole thing.  So Jason and George got together and came up with this...

Isn't that just the cutest thing?  There are heavy duty eye bolts that can be hooked onto and the whole thing lifted right off.  It's like our house has a "mini me".  Lol!


I have to say that I had no idea how much goes into a land/home deal until I was part of the process myself.  From beginning to end, there are so many people that work together to pull the project together and get it done. 

Jason Calkins and Staff at A-1 Homes - Thank you for everything and all your support and encouragement.

Damion St Aubin and Nathan Nicholas, CountryPlace Mortgage - Thank you for making this a reality for us and being so easy to work with.

Doug Luster, General Contractor - Thank you for your flexibility and great attitude and work ethic.

Tammy’s Mobile Home Service, Skirting, Decks, Well House, Metal Buildings with a special shout out to George Davis…You Rock!

Clayton Mayfield, Septic Design

Todd Lee, Lee Backhoe, Sewage System

Lloyd Cady, Cady’s Water Wells

Lowes, Fencing

Jeffrey Lowe, Pest Pros

Urban Surveying

J&S Real Estate Appraisals

Karla Huerta, Corry Bentley, Jimmy McClintock, RCS Enterprises, Engineered Drawings, Inspections

Mara Nava, Gary Breech, State Farm Insurance

Daryl Fowler, DeWitt County Judge, Flood Plain Determination

Carole Moore, Pecan Valley Groundwater Conservation District, Well Permit

Victoria City-County Health Department, On-Site Sewage Permit

Roxanne Buesing, Stewart Title