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Home Delivery!

By Charlene Benson June 01, 2016

Home Delivery!

The concrete runners were poured on April 29th and the date scheduled for delivery was May 9th.  Ten days.  So I hunkered down and tried to push the wait to the back of my mind thinking that if I stayed busy the time would pass quicker. 

I get to work on the 5th and walk in the door and my boss, Jason, hollers at me "Hey!  They are delivering your house this morning!"  I couldn't believe that I heard right and was like "What??? You're messing with me."  (He plays tricks like that on me sometimes.)  He said, "No, seriously. They are delivering it sometime this morning.  They had a cancellation and we got you in the slot."  Woohoo!  I got on the phone with my husband and my mom and let them know.  I was going to follow the house out and take pictures. 

This post will be mostly pictures of our trip and the set up.


The following video is of the house being set on the pad by Goodner Specialties of Victoria Texas with a nifty little tractor called a House Tug.  A very expensive remote control... Very cool to watch.  Our house is very heavy and you can see at about 3:11 where it does a "wheelie".  Lol

Once the house is in place, the set crew moves in and starts blocking, leveling and tying the house down.  They lay down the plastic that is the vapor barrier that keeps the moisture from coming up from the ground under the house.