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...Wait Longer

By Charlene Benson June 03, 2016

...Wait Longer

My son, Jonathan, then 6 years old,  wanted to jump on the trampoline.  He went to his brother, Matt, and said "Come on!  Let's go jump on the trampoline!"  Matt, being much wiser at 11 years old, turned to him and said "Go on out and start without me,  if I'm not there in 5 minutes, wait longer."  So little Jonny goes running to the trampoline and is jumping so happily that his brother will come jump with him.  In the meantime, the older kids are all giggling and I walk into the room and ask why.  When they tell me, I laugh a little because it is funny...but it is also not funny for Jonny who is waiting "longer".

This is how I feel about the constant set backs on this project.  It is so very frustrating to have it rain just enough to keep the contractors from coming and doing the job they need to do.  I know it is difficult for them and all of their other customers who are also waiting for their jobs to be done.  Then when there is a clearing and the sun peeks through all of us are like little baby birds in a nest cheeping for attention! Me!  Me!  Me!

I'd always heard that if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a few minutes and it'll change. I grew up here and have known this to be so but not like I KNOW it now! If you look at the Accuweather forecast and their silly little descriptions, it will make you laugh.  "Clouds and sun with a little t-storm."  "Some sun with showers around."  "A t-storm or two." So I laugh a little because it's so ridiculous and at the same time I just wanna cry!  I know.  I know.  Waaaah...somebody call a waaambulance!  Lol

So we are trying to get this house done.  We can't move in until it is completely finished.  This includes decks, skirting and fencing.  We signed paperwork stating that we will not move in until it is "finito".  Hating that piece of paper right now.  Ugh!

Anyway, our last post showed the triumphant "home"coming and was a very upbeat and happy day.  We went inside and checked the house and while there was some damage from the move, it was minimal.  They will be doing some sheetrock repair on the ceiling and walls.  Repairing some trim that popped loose.  Overall I was very pleased with the way the house traveled.  The Hardie paneling on the outside has a few hairline cracks near the corners of the front door and the living room window and there are some areas where the panels meet that will need to be refastened and resealed.  This is all very normal for the move of a house.  Some repairs will be done by A-1 and other repairs will be done by the manufacturer depending on what falls under warranty and what does not.

The driveway has been done but we can't park on it because it hasn't set and it is still raining.  Go out and walk on it and it's very mushy and I'm not even a car (To my kids...Hey! Watch it!)  The ground around the house is very wet and you sink up to your ankles in mud if you try to walk around it.  We set up a Frankenstein'd barrier to keep people from driving on the driveway.  We put old wood on the ground up to the steps so you can get into the house without wading in mud.  Looking a little Beverly Hillbillies around here.

In the midst of all of this, the insurance company is calling and saying the binder is about to expire.  I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do about it.  I know we have to have insurance and so this was concerning me.  Turns out all they had to do was re-issue it.  And our insurance has to have pictures of the house in place with skirting in place...which I do not understand... before they will sign off on it and let the insurance kick in.  I would think they would want it without the skirting so they can see that it was correctly tied down underneath.  It seems like common sense...but who am I?  So we can't put the skirting on until the decks are on.  Remember...the ground is only just now starting to get dry enough to work on and the guys are working as fast as they can between rain showers to get this thing in place.

Oh...and Lowes is so backlogged due to the weather that they say they are six weeks out from being able to do the fences.  What????  Jason gets on the phone with them and they say they are hiring another company to come in and help with the backlog to get caught up and they will be able to get to us in the next few weeks.  And of course... it keeps raining... just enough to ensure that I am totally... out... of... my... mind...  Ask my husband... He'll vouch for me...  He just tiptoes around quietly and stays out of my way.  Wise man...

I am really hoping for sanity to return soon.  I'm hoping that it is like that saying about freeing something and if it was really yours it would return.  Remember that one?  But I don't know if that applies to losing your sanity.  I didn't free it... I lost it...