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What are we waiting on?

By Shannon Calkins March 31, 2017

What are we waiting on? Lead Photo

What are we waiting on?


You have decided to purchase a manufactured home, congratulations! We are happy for you and excited that we earned your business. We are committed to making our customers happy and we are proud of our reputation to go above and beyond what is required to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Once you decide on a home you will complete the loan application and put a deposit on your new home. After you complete the application your housing consultant will submit it to the lender or lenders of your choice for pre-approval.

Loan type can make a big difference!

Chattel Loan: We usually receive the pre-approval within 24-48 hours. With a chattel loan, the quicker you provide us with the conditions the bank has requested, the quicker we can request documents from the bank, close on your home, and deliver. As soon as you provide us with what the bank requests we submit them for approval and move forward. The chattel loan process is relatively quick, especially compared to today’s conventional loan timelines.


Land/Home Loan: Sometimes these approvals take an extended amount of time. We always submit your application as soon as you complete it to the bank of your choice. You will receive correspondence from the bank and you should also receive updates from your housing consultant. Once we receive your pre-approval we will gather the necessary conditions. Again, the faster you provide us with these conditions, the faster we can work for you. At this point we will complete a checklist for the bank and it will be out of our hands. We can call and request updates, but we have no control over the timeline. The lender will also be waiting on parties to complete necessary appraisals, surveys, and title work. The time needed to complete these steps vary greatly by region and availability of these services. If any issues arise along the way, the timeline can also be extended. Once the bank receives everything they need, including an acceptable appraisal and survey they will allow us to start moving forward. At this point we are usually allowed to begin improvements to the land to prepare for your home. These improvements will all have their own timeline as well. After final closing, we will be able to delivery your home to the property. Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the wait! There will also be various inspectors that must inspect things as we go and final inspections prior to final funding and you taking occupancy of your home. This can be a lengthy process and we usually estimate at least 90 days.


Weather: Another factor that we cannot control is the weather! In south Texas, we have had some major weather delays over the past few spring seasons. Heavy rains, floods, and extreme wind can all delay improvements and ultimately the delivery of your home. We promise to work for you and as soon as weather allows, we do all we can to get things done and get you into your new home as soon as possible.


Call us anytime with questions at (361) 573-1200. We are here to help you and here to answer your questions. This process can get frustrating, we know, we have been there too! In the end, we will always take care of you and do all we can to move forward as quickly as possible.