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Are you getting a good deal?

By Shannon Calkins May 23, 2017

Are you getting a good deal? Lead Photo

Price Cut! New Lower Price! $5000 Less than the Other Guys!

What is getting cut out to get the price down?


Everybody wants a deal! We all want to save money and cut costs, but what are you willing to cut out of your home to save money? Will it really save you money in the long run?

We recently went to meet that is selling his new double wide because he is so unhappy with the home. He was not a customer of ours, but he did shop locally and decided to buy a home a little over a year ago from another retailer. We buy used homes often and were happy to go meet with him and make an offer on his home.

After meeting with this man, we learned a little more about the home and about his situation. This home was built by a reputable factory and has tons of beautiful options. This man I am sure thought he was getting a great deal on a beautiful home, but what is under the pretty options, or in this case, what was NOT there, cost him a lot more in the long run.  

Having the options that you want in your home is important, but please remember, the paint colors, draperies, and other furnishings are not the only important things to consider. Sometimes those fancy exterior designs, cabin styled exteriors, pretty names, or expensive model furnishings might make us forget, but the lack of quality building components will cost you in the long run.

After we looked at this man’s beautiful home with lots of cosmetic upgrades we were shocked to find out important things that were not upgraded. This man’s biggest complaint was the lack of energy efficiency. He is dealing with sky high electric bills among other issues and we know exactly why! To cut costs, this home was ordered with no thermal upgrades, without energy efficient windows, and with the minimum insulation values. We live in SOUTH TEXAS!!! This is so important!!!!

So, when you are shopping, please ask questions! Educate yourself! You might find a lower price, but there is a reason for that price and you need to know why! Make sure the home you are looking at was not stripped of important energy efficient features or upgrades. Make sure and spend money on things that will matter over the life of your home! It might look like you are saving a few thousand dollars at the time of purchase, but when you spend hundreds more than expected every month on your electric bill, that savings is gone.

Don’t make the same mistakes that we have seen others make in the past. Consider energy efficiency and the construction of your home. Spending money on an energy efficient home will save you in the long run. When prices are cut or you see the same home at a significantly different price than another dealership, there is always a reason. The reason might be behind the walls, in the ceiling, the windows, and other places that you can’t see initially. Do your research and find out what options are included in your home and how your home was built.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."