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Happy New Year

By Shannon Calkins Jan. 03, 2018

Happy New Year Lead Photo

Hi there!

I wanted to take a moment to wrap up 2017 and wish you all a beautiful new year!

We hope 2018 brings you and your family happiness and many blessings! The past year was difficult for many of us in the area and we continue to stand strong with our community.

Things look more “normal” in Victoria, but many continue to suffer as we struggle to repair and rebuild after the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. We know this rings true for many, especially our neighbors to the south and east. After the hurricane we traveled to Houston area to assist our neighbors that were being devastated by flooding. As we used our boat to travel through flooded communities in the Cinco Ranch area and help people escape from their homes immersed in water, we were devastated. Watching families escape with what they could carry, loading them onto our tiny boat, and driving them away from their flooded homes and cars was heartbreaking. Even through the devastation and heartbreak, there was so much good. Neighbors were helping their neighbors and people were joining together from all over the state to help those in need. We didn’t know anyone there and most did not. We all answered a call for help and came together to get people to safety. In such a terrible time, it was amazing to see the beauty of mankind.  I will forever be thankful that God was able to use me during such a tough time for our state. You can take a moment to watch a short video from Parkway Church about our experience: https://www.facebook.com/PARKWAYCHURCH.TV/videos/10154904106182043/. 

After we returned to Victoria we continued to help where we could and made donations to the Samaritans Purse Disaster Relief Efforts and provided tarping materials to those in need. We couldn’t do a lot, but we did all we could. As we helped by donating goods and time, our partner, ICA donated $1 Million Dollars to the Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Relief. WOW! So thankful to have a partnership with a company that cares so much! When power was restored and we were able to get back to the business we immediately began meeting people that had lost their homes in the storm. We have been honored to help so many families in need of new housing and we are thankful for your business.

Although many have moved forward and repaired their homes or replaced them, there are many still waiting. The process of waiting is miserable. We continue to see families that are waiting on assistance from the government or still fighting with insurance companies over claims from the storm. You aren’t alone. Even though that doesn’t make the situation any better for any of us, remember to be kind to your neighbors and help where you can. We are stronger together and we will rebuild. We personally continue to make repairs at our office and we continue to wait on insurance claims on our home. The storm was awful, but the aftermath has been miserable, and we are there with you.

A-1 Homes Victoria will continue to have a large inventory of homes available for those in need. We have over 30 wind zone II homes available for immediate delivery and lenders have extended special financing options for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our prayer for the new year is continued recovery from the storm and restoration to our coastal communities. Join us in praying for those still in pain and still in so much need. We pray that help is on the way and that our great state will continue to work together and move forward!

Thank you for your business and your continued support of A-1 Homes Victoria.

Happy New Year!